About Us


SOS Children's Villages Thailand is a member of SOS Children's Villages International, which has members in more than 130 countries around the world.

Founded in 1971 by Thanpuying Somsri Charoen-Rajapark, together with Thanpuying Sumalee Chaikavanich, SOS Thailand adopted the model used by Dr. Hermann Gmeiner when he founded SOS Children's Villages International In an SOS Children Village, children are raised in family units composed of a trained and dedicated SOS mother together with a few other children in our care who become “siblings”, thereby giving them a sense of belonging and security.  This model is the global standard for every SOS Children’s Village.

The first SOS Children’s Villages Thailand was built in Bangpoo, Samut Prakan, on 4 acres of land donated by Thanpuying Somsri. In 1976, it received the honor of becoming one of the royal patronages of Her Majesty the Queen Sirikit, who is now HM The Queen Mother.

SOS Children's Villages International

The first SOS Children’s Villages International was founded in 1949 in Imst , Austria by Dr. Hermann Gmeiner.  While on a trip there, Prof. Dr. Charoen and Thanpuying Somsri Charoen-Rajapark visited this Village and were very impressed by the way it was operated and the concept behind the care given to these disadvantaged children.  This inspired them to establish the first SOS Thailand Village.  Currently, Mr. Helmut Kutin is the honorary president and Dr.Dereje Wordofa is the current president of SOS Children's Villages International

Dr.Hermann Gmeiner

Founder of SOS Children's Villages International Organization and Children at SOS Children's Village, Bangpoo

Mr. Helmut Kutin, the current honorary president with children at SOS Children's Village, Hat Yai

Dr.Dereje Wordofa
President of SOS Children's Villages International

Vision and mission

Children thrive and grow within a strong family unit.  When they are deprived of this due to family dysfunction or other challenges, it can have a negative impact on the psychological, mental and physical development of a child that can influence them for life. Therefore, SOS Children’s Villages Thailand is dedicated to creating a safe and warm family atmosphere through permanent replacement families who can give the children a sense of belonging and a chance to be raised with love from early childhood to adulthood

The aim of the work


“A Home of Love for All Children” is the underlying principle behind our foundation.  The children receive an education from nursery to college and are guided through every stage of development based on their talents and interests. Upon finishing their studies, they are assisted in transitioning to independent living to ensure success.    At SOS Children’s Villages Thailand, children are given a second-chance to have this basic human need to grow up in a happy home as part of a loving family unit.

How are we different from other helping organizations?

We raise children in a family environment and respect and recognize the individual needs of each child.  When children are raised in a small individual unit that is able to give them “family-like care”, with SOS mothers and staff who understand their needs, it helps to heal their emotional and psychological trauma thereby increasing the child’s chances for happiness and success in life. They live in the same family unit from early childhood to adulthood, helping to form essential and loving bonds with their new family.  The small number of children under the care of each SOS mother enables her to give each child individual care and attention.


It is the right of every child to grow up with love and respect and be given a chance to reach their maximum potential.

The four principles of operation



Every child in our care has a SOS mother who raises them with love and warmth. SOS mothers accept every child unconditionally as part of the SOS family and forms strong and stable bonds with them.

Brothers and Sisters

Together with their SOS mother, each housing unit is composed of about five to six boys and girls of different ages and backgrounds. Together they perform the normal routines of daily life which helps them to form strong bonds, just as true siblings would. Efforts are made to ensure that biological siblings are raised in the same family unit.



Every child in our care belongs to their own home where they feel accepted and secure.





Each Village is designed as a community composed of several housing units in a secure compound where each SOS family helps and supports each other.  It also plays an active role in the local area where they are located.


What SOS children will get from your support ?

Our other work

In addition to helping children without parents and relatives, or children whose traditional family cannot raise them, SOS Children’s Villages Thailand extends assistance to the families of children who live in communities located close to an SOS Children's Village under the Family Strengthening project by providing occupational support that is in line with the needs and aptitudes of the people in the community.   When families are in a more stable financial position, it helps the children to have a greater chance of growing up with their own family and it alleviates the need for any children to be abandoned.