Vision and mission

The aim of the work


We believe that every child should grow up in a suitable environment. And the family is the best place To enhance the experience of a happy childhood And allow the child to grow up completely And we still believe that for children who have lost the opportunity to grow up in their own family Should get a second chance to be part of the family again In order for the child to grow in the right direction that one child should be the most

How are we different from other helping organizations?

We raise children in a family environment. We value the development of each child to grow appropriately. We strive for long-term work by raising children from childhood to adulthood. Receive the highest education according to ability Until can go out to work and be self-sufficient And live happily with society


Every child should grow up in a family full of love. Respecting each other And security

Operating principle

Children thrive and grow within a strong family unit.  When they are deprived of this due to family dysfunction or other challenges, it can have a negative impact on the psychological, mental and physical development of a child that can influence them for life. Therefore, SOS Children’s Villages Thailand is dedicated to creating a safe and warm family atmosphere through permanent replacement families who can give the children a sense of belonging and a chance to be raised with love from early childhood to adulthood

The four principles of operation



Every child in our care has a SOS mother who raises them with love and warmth. SOS mothers accept every child unconditionally as part of the SOS family and forms strong and stable bonds with them.

Brothers and Sisters

Together with their SOS mother, each housing unit is composed of about five to six boys and girls of different ages and backgrounds. Together they perform the normal routines of daily life which helps them to form strong bonds, just as true siblings would. Efforts are made to ensure that biological siblings are raised in the same family unit.


Every child in our care belongs to their own home where they feel accepted and secure.






Each Village is designed as a community composed of several housing units in a secure compound where each SOS family helps and supports each other.  It also plays an active role in the local area where they are located.

What SOS children will get from your support ?