SOS Children’s Villages Thailand or SOS Children Foundation Under The Royal Patronage of H.M. The Queen (Registered name) and has operated in Thailand for over 50 years. Currently, there are five SOS Children’s Villages situated in different locations. We are a public organization that helps children who have lost their parents or families to receive a quality alternative care in a family-like care.

We help children who have lost their parents or families to belong in a loving home. Each SOS family has one SOS mother and 8-10 children living together. Each SOS mother gives the children a home in her heart. Girls and boys of different ages and backgrounds live together as brothers and sisters. SOS families live together in a loving and caring community. There are between 10 – 12 houses located at each village.

We help children to live in a loving family environment consisting of an SOS mother, brothers and sisters. They receive a reliable and resilient relationship and will each receive individual care that assists in their development. We support these children to become independent, responsible and contributing members of society.

SOS Children’s Villages is an independent, Non Government Organization supported by local and international donors. However, we believe that Thais can help Thais best. There are still a number of children who are waiting for your generous support.

We offer a long term child care program. We help children start from the beginning to receive individual care and attention until they become independent and responsible. We take full responsibility for each child.  Our action is not to admit children to the family but we brought them to the family with a SOS mother, brothers and sisters.  Because of your generous long term support, each child is able to live with their SOS family in a loving environment. Consequently, they have an opportunity to have a brighter future in a loving home and become responsible adults in the future.

We give all children a loving home. This is more meaningful than just providing basic food, clothes, heath care, and education. Your support is valuable. Your generous support allows us to also provide for the basic needs of each child.  This gives them the opportunity   to grow up and become a responsible person in the future.

•    SOS Children’s Villages has operated in Thailand for about 50 years. There are five Children’s Villages situated in different locations. SOS Children’s Villages Thailand is a member of SOS Children’s Villages International, Austria. SOS Children’s Villages operates in over 130 countries worldwide and started in 1949. Currently, SOS Children’s Villages Thailand provides long term care for each child. We ensure that each child grows up and becomes an independent, responsible and contributing member of society.
•    SOS Children’s Villages Thailand was established in 1971 and is registered as a Non Government Organization (no. 38) by the Ministry of Finance.
•    SOS Children’s Villages Thailand has operated under The Royal Patronage H.M The Queen since 1976.
•    SOS Children’s Villages Thailand is registered as a Non Government Organization by the Revenue Department. Therefore all contributions are tax deductible.
•    SOS Children’s Villages Thailand is a registered Non Government Organization and is required to provide annual financial statements to the Thai government.  Each year SOS’s financial statements are audited and approved by the Thai government.   
•    Guests are welcome to visit SOS Children’s Villages. In order to visit an SOS Children’s Village, guests are required to make an appointment.  Visiting hours are between 9:00 -16:00 everyday.

For more information please contact:
Ms.Chanicha Leksumlit
Head of Communications
Fund Development and Communications

National Office
SOS Children’s Villages Thailand
Tel: 02-380-1177
Fax: 02-755-5576
E-mail: chanicha.leksumlit@sos-thailand.org