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3 Things making you believe in us



We are the 38th Public Charity Organization under the Notification of the Ministry of Finance.




Donors are able to use our receipts to apply for reduction of annual income tax as defined by laws.



SOS Children’s Villages Thailand is required to regularly report the performance to government sector every year. In addition, income and expenses account and annual financial statement of SOS Children’s Villages Thailand are audited by the Certified Public Account as defined by laws.

Why do you have to choose us?

Unique Program


We help children who lost parental care by providing the quality alternative care in SOS family, a family like care environment. Because we believe that every child belongs to a family and grows with love, respect and security. We help children to develop their individual skills, interests and talents. We support children to experience a loving home and family and to successfully integrate into society.

Global Footprint. Local Approach

We are a member of SOS Children’s Villages International that active in over 130 countries around the world. We attack the global issue on a local level. Our work is adapted to local customs and environments and is a part of wider community.

International Brand & Impact

SOS Children’s Villages helps states achieve the Sustainable Development Goals SDGs with expertise, trusted partners and accountability.



SOS Children’s Villages Thailand have received Thai NGO Award in 2014.

SOS Children’s Villages Thailand is not only an organization providing specific help to children under limited time but we emphasize on fostering covering all dimensions as same as those provided to children in general families because we believe that long-term family based on development of each child will provide the ultimate achievement on quality of life of a child who becomes an adult in the future.

What SOS children will get from your support ?


Besides giving the chance to SOS children you will obtain the following things  

  1. (For every donation)You will obtain the receipt of your donation for fostering children in SOS Children’s Villages Thailand to apply for reducing income tax as defined by laws. The amount of tax reduction is equal to the amount of your donation.
        o For normal individual, tax reduction will not be over than 10% of income after deducting expenses and deductions.
        o For juristic persons, not more than 2% of the net profit.
  2. (For monthly donation) We will provide the regular journals of SOS Children’s Villages Thailand to donors in order to enable you to acknowledge on life of SOS children in 5 Villages in Thailand. They will be circulated to tell their stories on their living in SOS family and interesting activities. In addition, you are able to exchange your impressive experiences on supporting SOS children in these journals as well.